Lxc delete usability: accidental deletion of containers

On multiple occations (at least 3), I have accidentally deleted a container instead of deleting a snapshot. This is why:
The following commands exist:

lxc snapshot <instance> <snapshot>
lxc restore <instance> <snapshot>
lxc delete <instance>/<snapshot>

As you can see, lxc delete differs from the other two in how you specify the snapshot you want to delete. While working with snapshots, I forgot that and did this instead:
lxc delete <instance> <snapshot>

LXD deleted “instance” and complained about not being able to delete “snapshot”.

Has this happened to you?

I’ll consider using security.protection.delete, but would the LXD team also consider adding a safeguard for this usability issue?

Here is a suggestion for doing this, without changing the command line of lxc delete:

lxc delete should not delete anything, if any of the requested instances or snapshots do not exist, unless the -f flag is specified, in which case it should work as it does now.

The usage of the -f flag would change to:

-f, --force Force the removal of running instances. Do not fail if any instances do not exist.

So, if I accidentally type “lxc delete a snapshot1”, instead of “lxc delete a/snapshot1” and there is no instance named “snapshot1”, I would not lose instance “a”.

I also considered suggesting that “lxc delete” checks specifically for the two argument case (delete only if the second argument exists), but I think this adds complexity without improving backward compatibility.

I have done this too so I know what you mean.

One thing we could do that wouldn’t break existing functionality is to check that all requested instances exist before deleting any of them, rather than trying to delete each one in turn.

Then combined with the already proposed --idempotent flag on lxc start and lxc delete, users could still have a way to request deletion of potentially already missing instances.


Please could you open an issue at Issues · lxc/lxd · GitHub with your idea, referencing Support for idempotent operations · Issue #2283 · lxc/lxd · GitHub as well. Thanks

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