Lxc images portal

Can you guys help me understand this better. The below disclaimer from the lxd images portal recommends to use only official images. Does it mean, the images may not be safe to use ?

“Note that the images found on this image server are unofficial images. Whenever possible, you should try to use official images from your Linux distribution of choice. Images from this server are provided as a convenience with no guarantee whatsoever.”

It means that images aren’t usually tested/vetted prior to publication.
The entire build process is public and images are generally working fine, but if you depend on those images always being rock solid, you’re likely better off having your own validation process for them.

Ubuntu has separate “official” images which are published by the team making Ubuntu itself, so those are actually tested and validated by that team prior to release on their own image servers (that’s the ubuntu: remote in this case).

Thanks for the solution Stéphane. VM created from ubuntu remote does not boot when launched with --console=vga and returns “GRUB_FORCE_PARTUUID set. attempting to initrdless boot” error. Works fine otherwise.

I think those images reboot the first time they are launched which is what you might be seeing.

Thanks for the suggestion. The issue still there even after first boot/reboot and continue to stuck at the same error with VGA console (currently using virt-viewer). However, i can still login and access the the vm shell with lxc commands. The issue seems to be happening only with VGA.

Not sure if it is relevant, could it be due to the image being kvm based ? The launch command retrieved image “disk-kvm.img” by default as the installed kernel version in the VM is "5.0-1008-kvm
“. If this could be the reason , is there a way to retrieve vm image " cloudimg-amd64.img” in specific with launch command?