Lxc launch error - in osd 7 ubuntu

lxc image info works fine, but lxc launch fails to retrieve image

I am not getting it, why it is happening. I have also done lxd init.
lxc version: 5.0.2
lxd version: 5.0.2

How could I resolve this?

In the first part of the screenshot you’re using the “ubuntu:” remote.

But in the second part of the screenshot (when you try to launch an image) you’re using the “images:” remote.

They are different remotes. The first is the Canonical-managed repository of Ubuntu images; the second is the community repository of various OS images (maintained by linuxcontainers.org)

The community repository has withdrawn access to lxd users. For the full story see:

and some history:

Your options are either:

  1. Use the Canonical image repository. That is, use lxc launch ubuntu:focal u1
  2. Migrate from lxd to incus. incus is the forked community version of lxd.
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