Lxc list hang and does not return anything

Hi ,

I am trying to get lxc list but it hang and doesn’t return any error or list. even "sudo systemctl status snap.lxd.daemon.service snap.lxd.daemon.unix.socket " doesn’t work. what should i do ?

What does snap info lxd show and sudo ps aux | grep lxd?

Also what is the contents of /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/logs/lxd.log

name: lxd
summary: LXD - container and VM manager
publisher: Canonical✓
store-url: Install lxd on Linux | Snap Store
contact: Issues · lxc/lxd · GitHub
license: unset
description: |
LXD is a system container and virtual machine manager.

It offers a simple CLI and REST API to manage local or remote instances,
uses an image based workflow and support for a variety of advanced features.

Images are available for all Ubuntu releases and architectures as well
as for a wide number of other Linux distributions. Existing
integrations with many deployment and operation tools, makes it work
just like a public cloud, except everything is under your control.

LXD containers are lightweight, secure by default and a great
alternative to virtual machines when running Linux on Linux.

LXD virtual machines are modern and secure, using UEFI and secure-boot
by default and a great choice when a different kernel or operating
system is needed.

With clustering, up to 50 LXD servers can be easily joined and managed
together with the same tools and APIs and without needing any external

Supported configuration options for the snap (snap set lxd [=…]):

- ceph.builtin: Use snap-specific Ceph configuration [default=false]
- ceph.external: Use the system's ceph tools (ignores ceph.builtin) [default=false]
- criu.enable: Enable experimental live-migration support [default=false]
- daemon.debug: Increase logging to debug level [default=false]
- daemon.group: Set group of users that have full control over LXD [default=lxd]
- daemon.user.group: Set group of users that have restricted LXD access [default=lxd]
- daemon.preseed: Pass a YAML configuration to `lxd init` on initial start
- daemon.syslog: Send LXD log events to syslog [default=false]
- daemon.verbose: Increase logging to verbose level [default=false]
- lvm.external: Use the system's LVM tools [default=false]
- lxcfs.pidfd: Start per-container process tracking [default=false]
- lxcfs.loadavg: Start tracking per-container load average [default=false]
- lxcfs.cfs: Consider CPU shares for CPU usage [default=false]
- openvswitch.builtin: Run a snap-specific OVS daemon [default=false]
- openvswitch.external: Use the system's OVS tools (ignores openvswitch.builtin) [default=false]
- ovn.builtin: Use snap-specific OVN configuration [default=false]
- shiftfs.enable: Enable shiftfs support [default=auto]

For system-wide configuration of the CLI, place your configuration in
/var/snap/lxd/common/global-conf/ (config.yml and servercerts)

  • lxd.benchmark
  • lxd.buginfo
  • lxd.check-kernel
  • lxd.lxc
  • lxd.lxc-to-lxd
  • lxd
  • lxd.migrate
    lxd.activate: oneshot, enabled, inactive
    lxd.daemon: simple, enabled, inactive
    lxd.user-daemon: simple, enabled, inactive
    snap-id: J60k4JY0HppjwOjW8dZdYc8obXKxujRu
    tracking: latest/stable
    refresh-date: 15 days ago, at 23:54 +0330
    latest/stable: 5.6-794016a 2022-09-27 (23680) 142MB -
    latest/candidate: 5.6-794016a 2022-09-23 (23680) 142MB -
    latest/beta: ↑
    latest/edge: git-be051b8 2022-10-12 (23773) 142MB -
    5.6/stable: 5.6-794016a 2022-09-27 (23680) 142MB -
    5.6/candidate: 5.6-794016a 2022-09-23 (23680) 142MB -
    5.6/beta: ↑
    5.6/edge: ↑
    5.5/stable: 5.5-37534be 2022-08-27 (23537) 113MB -
    5.5/candidate: 5.5-37534be 2022-08-19 (23537) 113MB -
    5.5/beta: ↑
    5.5/edge: ↑
    5.4/stable: 5.4-1ff8d34 2022-08-13 (23367) 108MB -
    5.4/candidate: 5.4-3bf11b7 2022-08-12 (23453) 108MB -
    5.4/beta: ↑
    5.4/edge: ↑
    5.3/stable: 5.3-91e042b 2022-07-06 (23270) 107MB -
    5.3/candidate: 5.3-b403e7f 2022-07-05 (23282) 107MB -
    5.3/beta: ↑
    5.3/edge: ↑
    5.0/stable: 5.0.1-9dcf35b 2022-08-24 (23541) 107MB -
    5.0/candidate: 5.0.1-9dcf35b 2022-08-19 (23541) 107MB -
    5.0/beta: ↑
    5.0/edge: git-13e1e53 2022-08-21 (23564) 113MB -
    4.0/stable: 4.0.9-8e2046b 2022-03-26 (22753) 71MB -
    4.0/candidate: 4.0.9-dea944b 2022-09-27 (23694) 72MB -
    4.0/beta: ↑
    4.0/edge: git-407205d 2022-03-31 (22797) 73MB -
    3.0/stable: 3.0.4 2019-10-10 (11348) 55MB -
    3.0/candidate: 3.0.4 2019-10-10 (11348) 55MB -
    3.0/beta: ↑
    3.0/edge: git-81b81b9 2019-10-10 (11362) 55MB -
    installed: 5.6-794016a (23680) 142MB -

farbod 1341003 0.0 0.0 6432 724 pts/11 S+ 21:02 0:00 grep --color=auto --exclude-dir=.bzr --exclude-dir=CVS --exclude-dir=.git --exclude-dir=.hg --exclude-dir=.svn --exclude-dir=.idea --exclude-dir=.tox lxd
lxd 3424230 0.0 0.0 7200 872 ? Ss Sep27 0:00 dnsmasq --keep-in-foreground --strict-order --bind-interfaces --except-interface=lo --pid-file= --no-ping --interface=lxdbr0 --dhcp-rapid-commit --quiet-dhcp --quiet-dhcp6 --quiet-ra --listen-address= --dhcp-no-override --dhcp-authoritative --dhcp-leasefile=/var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/networks/lxdbr0/dnsmasq.leases --dhcp-hostsfile=/var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/networks/lxdbr0/dnsmasq.hosts --dhcp-range,,1h -s lxd --interface-name _gateway.lxd,lxdbr0 -S /lxd/ --conf-file=/var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/networks/lxdbr0/dnsmasq.raw -u lxd -g lxd