LXC/LXD virtual appliances


Hello everybody I’m looking for an LXC/LXD virtual appliance site. So far I’ve found [flockport] (flockport.com) and turnkeylinux for LXC and the default remotes for LXD. Flockport seems a bit outdated, most containers are Debian 7 and Ubuntu 14.04. Turnkey just offers Debian containers.

Does anyone knows another site I’m not aware of, particularly LXD?

I am not aware of such virtual appliance website.
The typical task would be to make such an image yourself,

  1. “lxc launch ubuntu:x mywordpress”
  2. set it up as you like
  3. create a new container image (private by default, can make public if you wish) based on that container
  4. finally launch new containers with “lxc launch mywordpressimage site2”.

Could you give a couple of use-cases that would be good to have as appliances?

LXD uses pre-made images instead of container templates like LXC, with the purpose of giving the user a quick deploy process. With pre-made images(virtual-appliances) we can save most of step 2. There were no standard Linux Distros appliances before LXD but now we have Canonical and linuxcontainers image repository, Virtual Appliances in a way.

Anyway, I was a bit confused with turnkey cause I couldn’t find the LXC images, and a after a while I found them, but all of the are debian-8 based. Still, it’s the best I’ve found so far.