Lxc missing zfs storage lxd wont start

ran lxd init, called the zfs cluster one time, and ran init second time and called the zfs cluster another name, i thought i had used the correct lxd stoarage delete commands but it seems like it was still looking for the previously named and deleted zfs cluster, so the end result lxd wont start.

Is there a way to update the config for lxd to not even have that the previous deleted zfs-pool-name in config or is there a some other fix for this issue?

also related when use some commands like ‘lxc list’ it just hangs, like no timeout or anything over hours.

Easiest is usually to just create the zpool it’s looking for.

You can make one from a loop file with something like:

  • truncate -s 1G /tmp/pool.img
  • zpool create SOME-NAME /tmp/pool.img

@stgraber – many thanks, now working as expected after creating the zfs-pool.

How would you propose to remove this pool safely now ?

lxc storage delete should let you get rid of it, possibly after removing some other volumes that LXD still believes is on that pool