Lxc move failed

Hi all,

When i move a container to a new data store (zfs) at the verry end it fails with this error

Failed to deactivate zvol after 5m0s

What can I do about this? Tried 2 times now.

Hi @ckruijntjens,
Can you post the lxd storage ls and lxd move command syntax you are trying to use?


I allredeay did it with lxc export and lxc import.

thanks for your help.

What does “zfs list” show and what version of lxd? Finally is the instance running?

I suspect you have the volume mounted elsewhere that lxd doesn’t know about that is preventing deactivation. Try rebooting to clear mounts.

Hi Thomas,

I alredeay moved everything. Now I have zfs pool for my lxd containers.

However now I am experiencing an even more slowdown with for example a apt-upgrade.

The zfs pool shows that all is healthy.

Any ideas?

Please show lxc storage show <pool> and sudo zfs list?