Lxc network forward, missing?

Watching this series but the lxc network forward, command is missing on my focal/snap host install.

$ lxc --version

This is what i get when tabbing for commands,

$ lxc network
attach create detach edit info rename show
attach-profile delete detach-profile get list set unset

Had no luck with search here on the forums.

What does running just “lxc network” show?

$ lxc network
lxc network [flags]
lxc network [command]

Available Commands:
acl Manage network ACLs
attach Attach network interfaces to instances
attach-profile Attach network interfaces to profiles
create Create new networks
delete Delete networks
detach Detach network interfaces from instances
detach-profile Detach network interfaces from profiles
edit Edit network configurations as YAML
forward Manage network forwards
get Get values for network configuration keys
info Get runtime information on networks
list List available networks
list-leases List DHCP leases
load-balancer Manage network load balancers
peer Manage network peerings
rename Rename networks
set Set network configuration keys
show Show network configurations
unset Unset network configuration keys
zone Manage network zones

Global Flags:
–debug Show all debug messages
–force-local Force using the local unix socket
-h, --help Print help
–project Override the source project
-q, --quiet Don’t show progress information
–sub-commands Use with help or --help to view sub-commands
-v, --verbose Show all information messages
–version Print version number

Use “lxc network [command] --help” for more information about a command.

hmm i see now, it is there just does not show up when using tab to see all available commands

Yeah can you open an issue at GitHub - lxc/lxd-pkg-snap: LXD snap packaging (assuming you’re using the snap package).

Yes thanks, i am using the snap package on a focal host.
Tab offers me 14 command options whilst there are 20 commands available.