LXC on Oracle Linux 8

At the risk of asking this question clumsily, simply put is it still feasible to run LXC containers on Oracle Linux 8 / Red Hat Linux 8 ? If yes, then the ONLY way that I currently surmise is possible for installing LXC on Oracle Linux 8 is to build it from source (and some of the LXC dependencies as well possibly as some seem to also be not available in repositories). So in general, my question is what is the thinking of LXC maintainers and users on whether to install LXC on Oracle Linux 8, and if yes, by what method is it recommended to be installed, and if it is installed successfully, say, by building from source, what is the best way to utilize the new tools such as Portman, Buildah, and Skopeo with LXC (if these tools CAN be utilized to operate and manage LXC containers). Thanks.