Lxc profile edit : Invalid config: Unknown configuration key: volatile.cloud-init.instance-id

Strange one… On some long standing LXD instances… if I run a lxc profile edit then exit without making anychanges…

I get:-
Invalid config: Unknown configuration key: volatile.cloud-init.instance-id

Anyone any ideas what’s happened and how to resolve?

What LXD version is this on?

Its currently running under Version 4.24, I deleted it and recreated it and its fine…

I wondering if its an incompatibility with older instances with LXD upgrades…

I noticed a few other things breaking around the time that snap did automatic LXD updates so I pinned the version to 4.24.

I don’t recall exactly when that key was introduced. I know it was very close to 5.0 but can’t remember if it was in 5.0 itself or what.

If you’ve been migrating or importing instances between version, that could explain it.

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Yes that might very well have been the issue… These instances where created in LXD 4 and after some glitches with the LXD5 upgrades I pinned the LXD version to the last LXD 4.

All the other instances get recreated on a regular basis except the ones that are having the issues.

In future I’ll pin the LXD version until I can arrange an outage for a upgrade…


In this case, you should be able to unset volatile.cloud-init.instance-id without any side effect.

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