Lxc snap 3.23 fail to start

Hi to all, I have a major trouble on my server, lxc doesn’t start anymore with this error:

failed applying patch storage_rename_custom_volume_add_project.

I have already open an issue.

Someone’s had something like this happen to them before?
Some suggestion to put the server (and his containers) back online?

This is looking to be caused by the custom volumes in projects feature upgrade patch that renames existing custom volumes to add a project prefix. I’ve replied on the issue directly.

Confirmed issue was caused by a custom LVM volume that had been deleted in the past using lvremove which LXD didn’t know about.

Re-creating the LVM volume manually using lvcreate allowed LXD to rename the volume and start again.

Same problem for me, but I don’t use LVM, only BTRFS.

Error is "Failed to start the daemon: Failed applying patch \"storage_rename_custom_volume_add_project\": Volume must not be a snapshot"

I’ve replied on the github issue. Thanks