LXC snapshots not working?

I noticed some time ago that after doing my first snapshot of an image in lxc a snap1 dataset popped up in my zfs pool.
I did not think to much about, despite seeing it explicitly used one of the containers as mount path.

Recently however I had to restore one of my containers from the snapshot, and as dumb as I was I trusted it not to break. After restore the restored container used the mountpath of that first container image of snapx from the zfs dataset.

I don’t know why this would happen. I am running the latest updates on Ubuntu 22.04, the only thing that isn’t really standard is that i’m using a custom zfs lxc.bdev.zfs.root = foo/lxc in my standard lxc.conf.
I saw some reference of not explicitly setting lxc.lxcpath or lxc.default_config with lxc.bdev.zfs.root could break it, is that the case here?

lxc also seemed to have trouble removing old snapshots after deleting a previous container with snapshots, as the snapshot dataset was removed no matter which container was removed.