Lxc-to-incus No space left on device

I’m running the export process

`#lxc-to-incus --containers icinga --storage lvm-thin-pool``

df-h shows how the created lvm on 10gb fills up and a see

failed: No space left on device (28)

How can I fix this?

During the import process expanded the partition that incus creates. lsblk shows 30gb, but at 10gb I got the old error.

Easiest is to update the default size to be large enough for your import.
incus profile device set default root size=50GiB or something like that.

It’s something we could add better support for to lxc-to-incus. Our migration API easily allows for different sizes per container and there’s already a --storage flag in lxc-to-incus, so adding a --storage-size option would be rather trivial.