LXCFS 3.0.2 has been released


(Stéphane Graber) #1


The LXCFS team is pleased to announce the release of LXCFS 3.0.2!

As a stable bugfix release, no major changes have been done, instead focusing on bugfixes and minor usability improvements.

Bugfixes improvements

  • travis: add coverity support
  • travis: fix .travis.yml
  • meminfo: read shmem from cgroup parameter memory.stat
  • meminfo: set ShmemHugePages and ShmemPmdMapped to zero
  • bindings: better logging for write_string()

Support and upgrade

LXCFS 3.0.2 is supported until June 2023 and is our current LTS release, users are encouraged to update to the latest bugfix releases as they’re made available.


(Stéphane Graber) #2