Lxcfs on k8s 1.24.3 not work

i deploy k8s cluster in a test envs. when i attach a pod, i found it showing host cpus and rams.

server: rocky linux 9
kernel: 5.14.0
k8s version: 1.24.3
cri: containerd 1.6.8
lxcfs: 5.0.1

does lxcfs not supported?

LXCFS is used by default for LXC/LXD containers, but it needs some configurations to be used with other runtimes as mentioned here :

lxc/lxcfs: FUSE filesystem for LXC (github.com)

Maybe it’s possible to define default mounts in runtime configuration, CRI-O can be configured to use defaults mounts using /etc/containers/mounts.conf file (dunno for containerd).

cri-o/crio.conf.5.md at main · cri-o/cri-o (github.com)

common/containers-mounts.conf.5.md at main · containers/common (github.com)