Lxconsole as web UI

Hi all.

I used to use LXD dashboard for my quick changes on LXD/LXC and just realized that the creator of that project is doing a Python version called Lxconsole that works on both LXD and Incus and so far It’s working fine for me.
Since I didn’t find any reference to it in here, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to leave a post referring to it.

So, the code is available at:


Why not use incus native ui?

Actually, since I’m testing, I’m using both right now. :grin:

I noticed that Ubuntu incus ui lacks some options that lxconsole has, so it’s probably why I still have both installed.
Then again, the opposite seems to also be true, although in things that I use less often.

I’m not saying that one is better than the other, just glad that there are options.

I see. Well, wouldnt by nice if the creator of lxconsole get together with guys from incus and they work together on one ultimate ui console with all desired features? … :slight_smile:

There are different types of implementations. lxconsole is written in Python, is based on the Flask web framework, and uses a database to store settings. On the other hand, Incus UI is a single-page application written in TypeScript and React and only replicates what you can do with the incus CLI program (i.e. works through the REST API).

Well, at least you have some inspiration for additional features to implement into incus.