LXD 2.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 got automatically upgraded to LXD 3.0! Was that supposed to happen?

I only did an apt update and apt dist-upgrade

Was that supposed to happen? Things have stopped working suddenly, I was not prepared for this.

Was this because of a bug? Can I please have instructions on how to handle this? Thanks!

See here for more: My LXD 2.0 stopped working today, after an apt update of Ub 16.04

SNAP seems fairly brain dead, er I mean… feature rich about updates…

LXD updates push as soon as they release. There seems to be no easy way to control this.

As a side effect, SNAP updates seem to temporarily kill off lxdbr0 + then revive it via dark necromancy.

This has the side effect of destroying all manual routes added, whether they’re managed by containers or not.

The fix I’ve settled on to work around this annoyance is to run a script every 1 second + anytime a manual route disappears for any reason, the related route add commands run again.

Looking at the times of SNAP updates + when routes disappear + must be revived, seems to coincide.

Yeah, LXD resets firewall and routing on all its bridges when it restarts. That’s because we don’t like making assumptions that whatever the old version was that it was doing the right thing :slight_smile:

What kind of rules do you need to add? I’m guessing something a bit more complex than can be handled by ipv4.routes then?