LXD 3.0.3 clustered how to move container to ceph storage pool


I want to move existing containers to ceph storage pool from existing btrfs pools.

I remember before pools were local I could do this with “rename” something like this

move container1 container2 -p default_ssd

In that case driver was the same = btrfs.
Now I cant figure out how to do it. Is it even possible?

lxc copy test3 test4 -p default_ceph
this kinda works, converts file system too, just need to re-set mac hwaddr.

Maybe there is more “elegant” solution?

lxc move test3 test3 -s ceph assuming your ceph pool is called ceph?

I guess LXD LTS 3.0.3 doesnt support this?

Error: unknown shorthand flag: ‘s’ in -s

Ah indeed, cross storage pool move of containers was introduced in a later feature release.

For 3.0.3 you’re indeed stuck with the full migration API which requires lxc copy and is effectively working the same way it would between two servers.