LXD 3.9 Networking on Digital Ocean

Hi guys, so I was so happy with my Ubuntu 16.04 LXD installation when I discovered that the latest version is 3.9, not 2.0.2 and that it has many new features, including MAAS and clustering.

So I snapped 3 new droplets with internal network enabled on DO and I’m ready to roll (well, almost).

Now since Digital Ocean provides me with internal network, I was wondering how this affects the network setup for non clustered LXD.

Also, what I want these 3 droplets for is to run a PHP APP in an HA setup, for this I usually run LXD without clustering, then HAProxy on one of the nodes and then run 3 copies of the APP, one on each node.

Would clustering be a better option? and if so, how should I setup the FUN with an internal network enabled?
I tried several times and I get error messages stating that there is more than one IP on the node.

Never used MAAS before, but I’m of course open to suggestions if that’s a possibility on VPSs and if it helps keeping it simple.

So you can manually setup the Fan bridge specifying your underlay subnet.

Something like:

lxc network create fanbr0 bridge.mode=fan fan.underlay_subnet=

You’ll need to change the to match the subnet used on your internal network.

Well, that’s the name hey give it, but it’s just ONE internal IP address per node, not a subnet, so is my address but is for another customer.

Okay, then you need to figure out whether all your servers are in the same /16 or /24 chunk of that subnet, then you can use that for your underlay.

Yup /16
Understood I will try that, thanks a lot Stéphane @stgraber

I will open a ticket on DO, maybe they can set it up so I can use /24… and maybe they can make my new nodes go to that range too.

Got assigned 3 IPs with the same /16 network by deleting and launching new droplets, until they all belonged… Thanks @stgraber