LXD 3.X on Ubuntu 16.04

I would like to here several opinions about running LXD 3.x from backports on Ubuntu 16.04 in production environment. I know that it is not recommended/there is no guarantees to use backport packages in production environment but anyways I would like to here what people from the community think about this.

The LXD deb package you get from the backports repository in Ubuntu 16.04 is the stable version of LXD (deb package) from Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
When there is an update to the LXD deb package in Ubuntu 18.04, it first gets updated in 18.04 and then it is added as an update to the backports for Ubuntu 16.04.

You have the option to either use the deb package from the backports or the snap package from the 3.0/stable channel.

I would use the deb package of LXD from the backports in production, if I could not update Ubuntu to the newer LTS. But make sure you use the backports repository properly (no automatic installs, install the full set from the backports).

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i, for one, would like to hear how well a 3.0 backport, or other newer one, like maybe a 3,8 snap, works on 16.04 LTS.

The 3.0 backport on 16.04 will work just as well as 3.0 does on 18.04.

There is no significant kernel feature differences between the 4.4 kernel of 16.04 and the 4.15 of 18.04 and if you do want the newer kernel, it’s available on 16.04 too (as hwe-16.04).

my kernel now is 4.15 (on 16.04.6). i may put 18.04 on my 120GB flash drive.