[LXD 4.2 Fedora 32] Installation from snap

New on Fedora and to stop using LXD as root I had followed this howto to simply use lxd as user without sudo. But in this case I loose autocompletion for all command.


1°) Is it a good way to use LXD/LXC command as user ?
2°) Is it possible to retrieve autocompletion simply ? How can I do that ?

Yeah, all fine to use as non-root.

Tab completion is most likely broken due to some change in your user’s shell configuration. LXD tab completion is pretty normal bash completion so changes are you just need to source /etc/bash_completion or whatever is the Fedora equivalent of that.

I have found this command that seems to do the job, but I have no idea about what it do. What’s does it do exactly ?

$ . /var/lib/snapd/snap/lxd/current/etc/bash_completion.d/snap.lxd.lxc

Ok. $ . man work hahaha. :rofl:

$ . /var/lib/snapd/snap/lxd/current/etc/bash_completion.d/snap.lxd.lxc seems to be an equivalent to $ source /var/lib/snapd/snap/lxd/current/etc/bash_completion.d/snap.lxd.lxc

Thank you once more Stéphane :+1: