LXD 5.9 has been released


The LXD team is very excited to announce the release of LXD 5.9!

This is going to be our last release of 2022.
We wish you all happy holidays and look forward to seeing you all in 2023!

As the last release of the year, this was also a shortened development cycle of just three weeks, most of which was spent on bugfixes and performance improvements, perfect to wrap up the year!


New features and highlights

Network zones project feature

Prior to this release, network zones (DNS) were tied to features.networks, effectively requiring the use of OVN in order to get per-project DNS zones.

This has now been split up into a new features.networks.zones allowing for use of per-project zones in environment that don’t use features.networks. When dealing with a shared network, that network may specify multiple zones (comma separated). Each zone will then only contain records for the project it belong to.

Complete changelog

Here is a complete list of all changes in this release:

Full commit list
  • lxd/network/driver/bridge: Remove unnecessary query for server name in Leases
  • lxd: Fix use of inst.Project() in logs with inst.Project().Name
  • lxd/api/metrics: Fix race condition on map access in metricsGet
  • lxd/instance/drivers/driver/qemu: Fix blockNodeName to use base64 raw URL format
  • lxd/instance/post: Prevent moving instance to invalid (or empty) name
  • lxd/db: Fix default profile assigment on image creation in the default project
  • lxd/db/cluster: Fix the comment for InitProjectWithoutImages function
  • lxd/main: Fix that change project “features.images” to “false” didn’t add the project default profile to images from “default” project
  • lxd/instance/drivers: Restrict CPU hotplugging
  • lxd/instance/drivers: Fix CPU hotplug check
  • lxd/instance/drivers: Handle unset limits.cpu
  • tests: Add test for correct default profile assigment to images in projects with “features.images=false”
  • lxd/device/tpm: Expose tpmrm to the container
  • doc: allow returning traffic in DOCKER-USER custom chain
  • scripts/bash/lxd-client: fix autocompletion not working
  • lxd/util: Skip cephobject in AvailableStorageDrivers
  • lxd/apparmor/archive: Fix image unpack apparmor profile in archiveProfile
  • lxd/daemon/storage: Improve errors in daemonStorageValidate
  • lxd/api/1.0: Improve errors in doApi10Update
  • lxd/storage/drivers/volume: Use roundVolumeBlockFileSizeBytes in ConfigSizeFromSource
  • test: Add test for custom volume image unpack
  • lxd/storage/drivers/volume: Update Test_Volume_ConfigSizeFromSource tests
  • lxd/device/nic: Add hwaddr key to liblxc NIC config
  • lxd/containers: Fix error handling on stop/shutdown
  • lxd/containers: release the liblxd instance if raw.lxc is invalid
  • lxd/fsmonitor/drivers/driver/fsnotify: Switch away from github.com/fsnotify/fsnotify package
  • lxd/device/device/utils/unix/events: Adds event action to error log in unixRunHandlers
  • lxd/device/unix/common: Detect missing source device in unixDeviceAttributes
  • lxd/fsmonitor/drivers/common: Clean file paths for handler registrations
  • lxd/fsmonitor/drivers/interface: Adds Name() to definition
  • lxd/fsmonitor/drivers/driver/inotify: Renames fsnotify driver to inotify
  • lxd/fsmonitor/drivers/driver/fanotify: Adds Name() function
  • lxd/fsmonitor/drivers/load: Rename fsnotify to inotify
  • lxd/fsmonitor/load: Use inotify instead of fsnotify
  • Replace “the the” with “the”
  • lxd/main/forkdns: Replace github.com/fsnotify/fsnotify with k8s.io/utils/inotify
  • lxd/main/forkdns: Wrap error and don’t include newline in returned error
  • gomod: Adds k8s.io/utils
  • lxd/device/device/utils/unix/events: Only call filepath.Clean once in unixRegisterHandler
  • lxd/device/device/utils/unix/events: Don’t use logger.Debugf in unixRegisterHandler
  • config: Fix inconsistency with acme.agree_tos option
  • lxc/init: Improve cmdInit device override to work nicely with --storage and --network flags
  • lxd/utils: Improve error in parseDeviceOverrides
  • i18n: Update translation templates
  • lxd/storage/drivers/interface: Add roundVolumeBlockSizeBytes definition to Driver interface
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/common: Move roundVolumeBlockSizeBytes to common driver
  • lxd/storage/drivers: pool driver roundVolumeBlockSizeBytes usage
  • lxd/storage/drivers/utils: Removes unused roundVolumeBlockFileSizeBytes function
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/lvm: Overrides roundVolumeBlockSizeBytes function
  • lxd/network/network/utils: Adds filter support to UsedByInstanceDevices
  • lxd/network/driver/bridge: Updates Leases to use UsedByInstanceDevices
  • lxd/network/driver/ovn: Update Leases to use UsedByInstanceDevices
  • lxd: Remove nictype checks for ovn
  • qemu: Add more feature checks
  • qemu: Check CPU hotplug support using features not architectures
  • drivers: Issue log message when instance type is operational
  • lxd/network/driver/common: Adds netType var and moves Type() to common
  • lxd/network/driver: Removes per-driver Type() function
  • lxd/network/network/load: Ensure LoadByType initialises netType variable
  • lxd/network/network/utils: Adds network type to NIC connected to network logic
  • lxd/device/nic/bridged: Update checkAddressConflict to use UsedByInstanceDevices
  • lxd/device/nic/ovn: Pass network type to UsedByInstanceDevices
  • lxd/network/driver/bridge: Pass network type to UsedByInstanceDevices
  • lxd/network/driver/ovn: Pass network type to UsedByInstanceDevices
  • lxd/network/driver/common: Pass network type to UsedBy
  • lxd/networks: Pass network type to network.UsedBy
  • test: Add timeout to interactive edit commands
  • test: check LXC driver version instead of QEMU’s
  • test: image short fingerprints are 12 chars long
  • test: use grep instead of cat | grep
  • doc/instances: clean up devices overview section
  • doc/devices: clean up docs for none device type
  • doc/devices: sort tables for nic device type alphabetically
  • test: use awk instead of awk | awk
  • test: use awk instead of grep | cut
  • ceph: Drop unnecessary volume.block.* config keys
  • Makefile: optimize find call
  • Makefile: check test/extras/*.sh using shellcheck
  • test/extras: shellcheck fixes
  • shared/subprocess/testscript/signal.sh: lookup signal name to trap
  • doc: simplify markdown error postprocessing
  • doc: move trap before preprocessing
  • doc: silence command -v's output
  • lxd/project/permissions: Use consistent quoting in errors
  • lxd/project/permissions: Improve error wrapping
  • lxd/storage/volumes: Pass request context to transaction
  • lxd/instance/put: Use request context for transaction
  • lxd/storage/volumes: Don’t check project limits when doing a volume snapshot restore
  • lxd/network/driver/bridge: Only include downstream OVN virtual router addresses for network’s project in Leases
  • lxd/network/driver/bridge: Add network’s own gateway IPs to Leases list
  • lxd/network/driver/ovn: Add network’s own gateway IPs to Leases list
  • lxd/device/proxy: Simplify check in validateConfig
  • doc: add link to Running in production YouTube video
  • api: Adds projects_networks_zones extension
  • doc: Adds features.networks.zones project feature and updates networks dns.zone.forward setting
  • doc: Update network zones howto with multiple forward zones info
  • lxd/db/cluster/update: Patch to add features.networks.zones=true to any project that has features.networks=true
  • lxd/db/cluster/projects: Reworks project features info and adds features.networks.zone feature
  • lxd/db/migration: Switch to using cluster.ProjectFeatures in importPreClusteringData
  • lxd/db/cluster/open: ProjectFeatures usage
  • lxd/api/project: cluster.ProjectFeatures usage in projectsPost
  • lxd/api/project: Use cluster.ProjectFeatures in projectChange
  • lxc/project: Adds features.networks.zones support to cmdProjectList
  • lxd/project/project: Clarifies comment on NetworkProject
  • lxd/project/project: Adds NetworkZoneProjectFromRecord and NetworkZoneProject functions
  • lxd-user/lxd: Enable features.networks.zones project feature by default for user projects
  • lxd/api/project: Add validation for features.networks.zones
  • lxd/network/zones: Make network zones belong to their effective network zone project
  • lxd/network/zones: Use current method of generating API URLs
  • lxd/network/zone/zone: Update usedBy to handle networks having multiple zones
  • lxd/network/driver: Update validatation of network forward zone key
  • lxd/db/network/zones: Rename GetNetworkZones to GetNetworkZonesByProject
  • lxd/network/zones: GetNetworkZonesByProject usage
  • lxd/network/zone/reverse: Update reverse function to take net.IP
  • lxd/network/zone/zone: Update Content to handle networks supporting multiple forward zones
  • lxd/db/network/zones: Removes unused GetNetworksForZone function
  • i18n: Update translation templates
  • test: Update tests to check for network zones project views
  • docs: Added snap version directory for local remotes
  • lxd/network/zones: Use project.NetworkZoneProject in networkZonesGet
  • lxd/apparmor: fix AppArmor profile for qemu-img
  • lxd/db/generate/db/method: Add generic struct fetching functions
  • lxd/db/cluster/warnings.mapper: Update generated code
  • lxd/main/forkdns: Updates serversFileMonitor to only watch for inotify.InMovedTo event
  • test: Don’t use temporary pid files for forkdns
  • test: Simulate what LXD does when building forkdns servers.conf
  • test: kill -9 forkdns processes to ensure they are killed
  • test: Make network zones more strict
  • doc/howto/cluster/manage: Adds --cohort="+" to snap refresh command
  • lxd/instance/drivers/driver/qemu: Use errors.Is in renderState
  • lxd/instance/drivers/driver/qemu: Adds non-agent metrics fallback in Metrics
  • lxd/instance/drivers/driver/qemu: Use shared.IsTrueOrEmpty in agentMetricsEnabled
  • client/connection: Don’t use logger.Debugf
  • lxd/api/metrics: Correctly size slice of project names in projectNames
  • lxd/api/metrics: Use request context for DB transaction
  • lxd/api/metrics: Get internal metrics using existing DB transaction in metricsGet
  • lxd/api/metrics: Move duplicated code into invalidProjects function
  • lxd/locking/lock: Adds context support to Lock
  • lxd: locking.Lock usage
  • lxd/api/metrics: Use multiple OR filters to avoid calling InstanceList multiple times
  • lxd/query: Only repeat query as plain request for JSON decode errors in cmdQuery
  • lxd/api/metrics: Use locking.Lock with timeout in metricsGet
  • lxd/api/metrics: Limit concurrency of instance metrics building in metricsGet
  • lxd/api/metrics: Pre-allocate newMetrics map to right size
  • lxd/db/instances: Adds context argument to InstanceList
  • lxd: InstanceList with context usage
  • lxd/api/metrics: Pass request context to InstanceList in metricsGet
  • lxd/endpoints/vsock: Update VsockAddress to return net.Addr interface
  • lxd/instance/drivers/driver/qemu: Fix nested VMs in getAgentConnectionInfo
  • lxd/instance/drivers/driver/qemu: Don’t generate agent.conf if no host vsock info in generateConfigShare
  • lxd/device/nic: Use api.NetworkStatusUnavailable constant
  • lxd/resources/network: Ignore errors from ethtoolAddPortInfo
  • doc/devices: clean up docs for nic device type
  • doc/devices: sort tables alphabetically
  • doc/devices: clean up docs for disk device type
  • doc/devices: clean up docs for gpu device type
  • doc/devices: clean up docs for infiniband device type
  • doc/devices: clean up docs for pci device type
  • doc/devices: clean up docs for proxy device type
  • doc/devices: clean up docs for tpm device type
  • doc/devices: clean up docs for unix-block device type
  • doc/devices: clean up docs for unix-char device type
  • doc/devices: clean up docs for unix-hotplug device type
  • doc/devices: clean up docs for usb device type
  • doc/devices: document device option override at creation
  • doc/devices: fix doc on how to use a specific VF as a NIC
  • lxd/migrate/instance: Don’t use multi-sync when using optimized transfer mode
  • lxd/storage/drivers: Make using volSrcArgs.{MultiSync|FinalSync} with MigrateVolume an error
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs/volumes: Remove unused multi-sync logic from migrateVolumeOptimized
  • lxd/instance/drivers: Improve pool name change check error
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs/volumes: Use deferred option for deleting temporary snapshots
  • test: Force stop containers in migration tests
  • lxd/storage/drivers/utils: Use consistent error quoting in TryUnmount
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs/volumes: Use existing dataset var in UnmountVolume
  • lxd/api/1.0: Move wait for server to be ready out of doApi10UpdateTriggers
  • lxd/api/1.0: Explicitly use context.Background() in api10Put and doApi10Update
  • lxd/api/1.0: Use request context in doApi10Update when validating request
  • lxd/api/1.0: Use contextual logging
  • lxd/storage: Disable io_uring on ZFS
  • lxd/instance/drivers/qmp/commands: Updates SendFile to use Go’s JSON encoder
  • lxd/instance/drivers/qmp/commands: Adds CloseFile function
  • lxd/instance/drivers/driver/qemu: Fix macvlan NICs losing connectivity on LXD restart
  • lxd/instance/drivers/qmp/commands: Adds QueryCPUs function
  • lxd/instance/drivers/driver/qemu: Fix multi-queue NIC support in addNetDevConfig
  • lxd/device/nic/sriov: Fix nicSRIOV to pass VF MAC address to VM if not specified
  • lxd/instance/drivers/driver/qemu: Improve MAC parse error in writeNICDevConfig
  • lxd/apparmor: fix AppArmor instance_qemu profile
  • lxd/migrate/instance: Consider RBD transfer non-optimised
  • doc/instances: clean up docs for instance properties
  • doc/instances: reorder instance options docs
  • doc/instances: fix links to instance options
  • doc/instances: add how-to guide for creating snapshots
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: Don’t expect multi-sync for live optimized transfer in CreateVolumeFromMigration
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: Don’t allow multi-sync for optimized transfer in MigrateVolume
  • Revert “lxd/migrate/instance: Consider RBD transfer non-optimised”
  • doc/instances: clean up instance options
  • doc/snapshots: add information about snapshot pattern format
  • doc/instances: clean up unit reference
  • doc/instances: move Override QEMU configuration
  • doc/instances: clean up QEMU override section
  • lxd/storage/drivers/interface: Make HasVolume return an error
  • lxd/storage/backend/lxd: b.driver.HasVolume usage
  • lxd/storage/backend/lxd: Check storage pool is ready before checking usage
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs/volumes: HasVolume usage
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph: HasVolume usage
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/cephfs: HasVolume usage
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/common: HasVolume usage
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/dir: HasVolume usage
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/lvm: HasVolume usage
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/mock: HasVolume usage
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs: Renames checkDataset to datasetExists
  • lxd/storage/drivers/generic/vfs: Updates genericVFSHasVolume to return an error
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph: Adds placeholder volume exists check for Mount
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: Updates hasVolume to return an error
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph: Adds 10s timeout to GetVolumeUsage and rbdMapVolume
  • lxd/instance/drivers/qmp: Adds SetAction function
  • lxd/instance/drivers/driver/qemu: Set reboot action to shutdown
  • lxd/instance/drivers: Ignore in-use unmount errors on instance stop
  • i18n: Update translations from weblate
  • gomod: Update dependencies

Try it for yourself

This new LXD release is already available for you to try on our demo service.


The release tarballs can be found on our download page.

Binary builds are also available for:

  • Linux: snap install lxd
  • MacOS: brew install lxc
  • Windows: choco install lxc

LXD 5.9 is available in latest/candidate and will rollout to all snaps users on the latest channel by Wednesday.

The usual release live stream will be at 2pm US eastern time on Monday:



The section is in the wrong place. The position of " Complete changelog".

Fixed thanks!

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Is the new zones feature documented yet? I would like to play around with it. I will also watch the YouTube video again.

Yes, see How to configure network zones - LXD documentation

Specifically Project views is the new feature.

See DNS not created for containers created in user projects - #20 by tomp for an example of such a setup.

Also see the video for the original network zones feature:

The lxc network list-leases command has also been updated to align with the automatic entries added to network zone project views. You can use the --project flag to alter the view for the list-leases command.

Perfect. Thank you, Thomas. That helps a lot.

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Let’s sync the fix to official page! @stgraber


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