LXD Agent fails to startup under a VM instance

I’m able to launch a VM successfully and ping it too but the LXD agent fails to start up. The startup log had the following message:

         Starting LXD - agent...
[    8.552842] virtio-fs: tag <config> not found
[FAILED] Failed to start LXD - agent.
See 'systemctl status lxd-agent.service' for details.

I’m unable to exec into (due to LXD agent failure) or login from console (no user credentials) the instance to look at LXD agent service logs.

Has someone else encountered a similar issue? What else could I try? I can provide additional details.

Environment details:
Host: Fedora Linux 5.17.4-200.fc35.x86_64 (SELinux disabled)
LXD: 4.24
Storage Pool: LVM
QEMU: 6.1.0
VM Image: images:fedora/35 ‘020110ab65f4’
Network: MacVLAN

Looking around logs helped out. Host environment was missing lxd-agent, installing it resolved the issue.

virtio-fs is available under Fedora but isn’t accessible through PATH and isn’t located under /usr/lib/qemu/virtiofsd, virtiofsd lookup. So made a symbolic link targeting /usr/libexec/virtiofsd and the virtio-fs error went away as well.