Lxd-agent missiing on some templates..?


it seems on templates like alpine/edge/cloud , gentoo/cloud and rockylinux/8/cloud when I create them as VM I can’t “lxc shell c1” because of:

Error: Failed to connect to lxd-agent

Is this something LXD/LXC team does or someone else creates these templates…?

Regards, A.

They all have the agent, are you sure that the VM did in fact boot and isn’t just stuck in the firmware or bootloader?

You are right… When I do lxc list I see they did not get IPv4 (they did get v6 from /64 subnet tho). Also when I do lxc console c1 I see nothing (like it’s not up and running at all…).

Now question is… Where should I start to debug this ?

I am on 4.16 Ubuntu 20.04

Update, on gentoo template I am in somekind of


when I do

lxc console c1

Most often those kind of errors come from having secureboot enabled (default) and the guest OS not being fully signed (Gentoo is one of those).

Make sure you have security.secureboot set to false on that instance.

That was it… I usually use Arch as host OS which usually drops error about this. Ubuntu did not complain so I completely forgot about this. Thanks

There is something of a plan to improve the image format to warn about this when using such an image in the future.