LXD and RHEL based systems

A year ago when i first started playing around with LXD, when i was running on RHEL based systems, i use to get constant warnings like CGROUP not supported etc or something like that. Then I read that RHEL dropped support LXD.

I am considering running the LXD server on a rhel based system and I am wondering if I will run into any issues or problems if I go down this route, any compatibility issues, performance problems etc.

Can a production LXD server be installed on rhel based system without having any problems?


You should be able to install it using snapd fine. There can sometimes be issues due to the different kernel being used, but you’re best bet is to try it for your particular needs.

Worth noting that we do test every snap revision on CentOS/RockyLinux/AlmaLinux so while we don’t directly test RHEL (because license and other fun), it should behave identically to most of those: lxd-test-snap-latest-stable [Jenkins]