LXD API not authorized

I am using an http client to send request to a remote LXD API

when I send a GET request to “/” I get a success response:


If I send a request to “/1.0” I also get a valid response, something that looks like this:

hutdown_timeout","container_stop_priority","container_syscall_filtering","auth_pki","container_last_used_at","etag","patch", .....}

However if I request “/1.0/instances” I get a not authorized error:

{"type":"error","status":"","status_code":0,"operation":"","error_code":403,"error":"not authorized","metadata":null}

From the first 2 requests I thought that the connection between the client and the API server is working, however trying to get “/1.0/instances” makes me doubting if even the connection is working.

Any idea why is this happening?

BTW: I authorized the client from the api server using root user (and everything I did in the server including the lxd installation, was by ROOT user) so maybe this has something to do with it?

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