Lxd as a distribution

Hey guys, wondering if it’s possible to use something like Linux from scratch to roll a distribution that is native to lxd, basically when you install or run it all you get is lxd with a few other basic calls, to make it operational. Basically lxd as a Linux distribution super light weight and everything is done inside the containers.

you could try Ubuntu core and install the lxd snap package.

LXD is available for alpine linux, which already is pretty lightweight.

Yeah however I tried running lxd on alpine couldn’t get it to run not sure why. Ubuntu snap doesn’t work because apt doesn’t work so can’t install zfs without apt.

“snap install lxd” will install the LXD snap on Ubuntu Core.
The snap itself includes a copy of the zfs tools so as long as you don’t need some unusual zfs setup, the “lxc storage” commands will work just fine with zfs.

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Did you get it to run on Alpine linux? I can get a container to start, but i can’t interact with it … lxc console doesn’t work… lxc exec gives error: EOF, I think it has something to do with tty… But not sure how it all fits together… For me it doesn’t work out of the box, like the ubuntu version.

Hey I did get it to work on Alpine but had to do a few things. I documented it here


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Nice work. I’m adding this to the Alpine wiki, if I’m allowed. I’ve just created an account on the wiki. Have to wait for 5 hours before i can save it with the referencing URLs.