LXD + Ceph Launch Image Segfault

Hi LXD developers,

I was trying to launch an instance using lxc init and the lxd daemon on my target server crashed due to some segmentation fault. Here is the results from ‘snap logs lxd’.

The lxd version is 5.11. Also there is some error when I was trying to launch the same image again.

Error: Failed instance creation: Failed creating instance from image: Failed to run: rbd --id lxd --cluster ceph --image-feature layering clone lxd/image_f59c49298bf34eaaf3222da5868facfbdf0bf2e39174e528b8de936dc1275dcf_ext4@readonly lxd/virtual-machine_elvis-test_dev: exit status 2 (2023-03-29T10:13:58.604+0800 7ff652ffd700 -1 librbd::image::OpenRequest: failed to find snapshot readonly
2023-03-29T10:13:58.604+0800 7ff652ffd700 -1 librbd::image::CloneRequest: 0x562a364f6210 handle_open_parent: failed to open parent image: (2) No such file or directory
rbd: clone error: (2) No such file or directory)

We’re using ceph backend for image and instance. Here is the snap result in ceph:

$ sudo rbd snap ls lxd/image_f59c49298bf34eaaf3222da5868facfbdf0bf2e39174e528b8de936dc1275dcf_ext4.block
SNAPID  NAME                                                  SIZE    PROTECTED  TIMESTAMP            
   350  zombie_snapshot_b3101d22-cf4f-462d-8894-e6b67ad11907  10 GiB  yes        Tue Feb 21 14:25:57 2023

I suppose there should be one snapshot called “readonly”.

I could manually fix this by creating snapshots named “readonly”. However, since this is not the first time this error is happening, I thought it might be helpful to post it here. Would be appreciate if any of you have deeper insights of this problem.

Are you still getting this issue in LXd 5.13 as that is the current supported version?