LXD Certification

I would like to suggest an idea about LXD certification

Pass tests, study and receive a certificate that will confirm a specialist about his professionalism

Something like this for LXD

Personally, I would like to pass some kind of test and get a certificate from Canonical itself

You can do the same with Ubuntu MASS JUJU and other products

I think everyone would like to get certified by Canonical!

Thank you very much for your attention!
I hope my idea will come true!


@mionaalex maybe an idea for the future?

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This is actually a very good idea.

Certification could promote Canonical and LXD

Personally, I would like to receive a certificate


Canonical is actively working on a certification program. Ubuntu Server and Desktop to start with, but other areas will follow in the future. It’s not open just yet, but you can read more about it here and keep an eye out for when exams become available.


It’s amazing!

Look forward to!

How about LXD Certification? How long can you wait for LXD certification to appear?

LXD has excellent documentation for learning (Nothing worse than Kubernetes), I think it is possible to make a certification similar to Kubernetes

There is a great product (LXD demo server https://snapcraft.io/lxd-demo-server
) I think it can be used for certification (having slightly adjusted for the exam)

I’m ready to help you in any way I can


Thanks Ibragim,

It’s not on our priority list just yet so it won’t be available any time soon, but I will discuss it with the certification team and keep you posted on any news.


Ok, I’ll wait for the news!