Lxd cluster database ha


When creating an lxd cluster, there is basically only one cluster databse.
How to configure lxd cluster master node (?) or lxd cluster databse redundancy(HA)?


A LXD cluster with 3 or more nodes is automatically HA:

“Since LXD supports clustering, and all members of the cluster must share the same database state, the database engine is based on a distributed version of SQLite, which provides replication, fault-tolerance and automatic failover without the need of external database processes. We refer to this database as the “global” LXD database.”


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Thank you very much freekanayaka.

i have another question.

  1. Can I create shared storage shared by all nodes of an lxd cluster? (i.e,
    the storage created by the lxc storage create command on one node is shared by all nodes.)

  2. Can I import and use storage volumes used by other lxd hosts?


  1. You might be able to do that using cephfs, but @stgraber should be able to provide more details about that

  2. If you define a storage volume on a node, you’ll be able to use that volume only on that node.

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your answer very helpful to me.

Wouldn’t gpfs be possible if it could be implemented with cephfs?