Lxd cluster hangs after a few commands

Hi !

I have been trying microcloud for the past two weeks on three physical nodes (1Gb /21 network, dedicated ssd for ceph) and every time, it installs fine but after a few commands on the different nodes of the cluster (launch a ct from a node, from another), if I launch an ‘lxc ls’ the node freezes and all subsequent command on the cluster freezes the node it is entered on.

I managed to launch standalone nodes with a ceph cluster running for rbd, and a shared cephfs mount over different nodes without any issue.

It really looks like it’s related to the cluster. It can be reproduced both with microcloud/OVN and a manual cluster + FAN.

Any idea on what is causing this, or is this a bug?


Especially given your use of other Canonical products like MicroCloud/MicroOVN/MicroCeph, you will probably be better served asking support questions on the Canonical forum.

Ooh. right, thanks @stgraber