LXD Cluster not succeeding on Oracle Linux 8

Cannot get cluster to form. Getting this message:

Error: Failed to setup trust relationship with cluster: Failed to connect to target cluster node “”: read tcp> read: connection reset by peer

In case it helps anyone else, the main problem turned out to be an MTU setting (the “connection reset by peer” should have tipped me off sooner) that “inadvertently” got bumped up to 1500 during some code updates to Orabuntu-LXC. Setting MTU on GRE joining nodes OpenvSwitch interfaces to 1442 fixed the main issue and allowed cluster to form successfully over OpenvSwitch.

Ah yeah, those kind of issues can easily be MTU related. The initial few smaller packets make it through fine and then the larger ones get dropped because of bad MTU causing the whole thing to eventually timeout and fail.

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