Lxd cluster not working as MAAS KVM

Hi all,

First of all I am aware that the issue may not be directly related to LXD but nevertheless I would like to know a way to check it on LXD side. As mentioned in the title I ma trying to add an lxd cluster to MAAS instance as KVM. The procedure succeeds according to official MAAS documentation(MAAS | How to manage VM hosts),
the problem is that the cluster is totally unsuable, moreover the other members of the cluster do not get visible as the documentation states

Is there any way to investigate it on lxd side?
The cluster is pingable from within the maas host.

I am tagging @tomp and @stgraber, unfortunately the issue still persists and it’s really making my environment’s life harder :cry: maybe you know which lxd logs would be of any use here to troubleshoot from lxd side?

Thank you in advance

You could run lxc monitor --pretty to see if there’s any error coming from MAAS, but otherwise, you’re likely to need to go dig on the MAAS side of things instead.

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Thank you, that was something I was looking for, I have a hunch that it’s some kind of api error when it comes to my cluster. Single node is working just fine.

Thank you very much, unfortunately I do not see anything :confused: except for one big error message starting from line 165 :
My token which is infra@maas-ha seems to be passed correctly

One last thing, can you please have a look at the line and tell if it derives from lxd or MAAS?
For me it’s produced by maas but I definitely lack some expertise.


Big thanks.

Which line?

The line 164 to 166

I’m struggling to see the error to be honest.