LXD cluster - what sort of use-cases does it enable?

I had someone on Reddit send me a message asking what sort of use-cases people might see for LXD Clusters.

Thought I’d ask the same question here?

Probably the most obvious use case is as vSphere replacement. Workloads that require VM-like environments can be shit-and-lifted to a LXD cluster and run in containers with minimal or no modification, much higher density and lower resource requirements.

What about use-cases like scaling up/down web services?

It’s a very broad topic, I don’t think there’s a simple answer. Rule of thumb would be that if you have a cloud-native stateless web app, probably k8s gives you the best experience in terms of elasticity, however if you have a more traditional workload you can use the LXD HTTP API or even command line client to plug your own scaling policies. What clustering gives you out of the box is some level of high-availability (especially if you back your containers with a ceph storage pool).

Thanks so much I’ll fwd this to the guy that asked about it.