LXD configure profile for static ip assignment

Hi, i use a profile for my containers, and the profile has an lxd managed bridge, now how would i enable the profile so that containers can get static ips.
the use case for using the parameter nat with proxy for some containers.

lxc stop c1
lxc config device override c1 eth0 ipv4.address=
lxc start c1

after doing the mentioned commands,

Error: Proxy connect IP cannot be used with any NIC static IPs
Try `lxc info --show-log c1` for more info
lxc info --show-log c1
Name: c1
Location: none
Remote: unix://
Architecture: x86_64
Created: 2020/03/07 08:55 UTC
Status: Stopped
Type: container
Profiles: default


lxc c1 20200307125325.284 ERROR    start - start.c:proc_pidfd_open:1644 - Function not implemented - Failed to send signal through pidfd
lxc c1 20200307125325.296 WARN     cgfsng - cgroups/cgfsng.c:chowmod:1525 - No such file or directory - Failed to chown(/sys/fs/cgroup/unified//lxc.payload/c1/cgroup.threads, 500000001, 0)

The problem was me mistakenly switching list and connect for proxy.