LXD Consultants for Hire?

I’m a programmer with experience developing web and mobile applications. I’m currently building a new application that relies on an LXD infrastructure. In the last couple weeks, I’ve come to realize that I should probably get some professional help ensuring that this infrastructure is configured correctly and is optimized for my use case.

It occurred to me that there may be experts in LXD on this forum, and if so, I’d love to talk to you about a freelance gig! Basically, I’d love for an expert to configure my three colocated servers with an LXD cluster, make sure the networking stuff is working and secure, help me ensure that I have a backed up system and to be available to keep it working should anything occur, as well as strategies for managing images (in the course of blowing away my current cluster configuration, I have most likely lost the eight super-important images that I’d painstakingly developed over the past year or so).

I can be a lot more specific to any interested parties. I’m not sure if there’s a private messaging function here, but you can contact me at aaron@innoveghtive.com.

Private email sent.