Lxd containe restart

Hi Team,

I am using lxd with juju. after doing some process, I need to reboot lxd container. but the problem is after reboot it started to perform every function again!!! it is like a loop created. it comes to reboot part then again perform form first line then again reboot then again goes to the first line !!
Using python for juju.

Is there any other solution to reboot system?

If what you need is to fix a mistake that blocks you to access your container, you can access the file system directly while the computer is stopped (you should be able to stop your container with lxc stop)

under lxc stable that’s all there is to it, with snap it’s a bit more involbed; switch to the SNAP LXD namespace with

sudo nsenter -t $(pgrep daemon.start) -m – bash

Then under


you should be able to fix the problem.