LXD container eth0 goes missing after some time

Hi Team,

I have been facing this weird issue since a long while and I don’t have a solution for this.

Here’s the problem:
I have a server on which 2 LXD containers are running. Both have docker running inside them. One container keeps loosing its eth0 network and stops becoming available to public access. I have a port forwarded in the profile of the container to the host and the host has a public IP.

To resolve this issue, I created a new network and then added it in the container’s profile. The eth0 network comes up again. But after few days or even hours, it again goes away.

I am not sure what’s happening here. This is only happening with one container and not the other one.

And now if I try adding a new network it gives this error:Failed to stop device “eth0”: Failed clearing netprio rules for instance “default” in project “qblxc-990af2e0-3ec2-4129-967b-615a852300df”: device name is empty

Can anyone help here?

Any thoughts on this? Would appreciate your suggestions/recommendations if I am missing anything here
@stgraber @tomp