LXD container fails to get private IP address from bridge lxdbr0

Anyone have LXD container launches yet fails to obtain a private IP address from bridge lxdbr0. Any idea how to troubleshoot failure to obtain IP address? Also, when home folder is /home/domain/homes/user then lxd and lxc always require sudo otherwise they fail with permissions error! Anyone have that, if so, what’s the cause? More details posted on https://github.com/lxc/lxd/issues/10874

Try this if you’re using ufw Ubuntu 22.04 LXD networking issue, not getting IPs, and solution (please verify correctness)

Thanks, actually we solved this on the LXD github issue 10874, I had to tell BIND9 NOT to grab DNS ports from the LXDBR0 IPv4 subnet and the IPv6 local auto config prefix which LXD wants to use…

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For next person with same issue, you have to also run the 4 ufw commands on the host, so your firewall will allow traffic in and out of the lxdbr0 bridge used by LXD:
sudo ufw allow in on lxdbr0
sudo ufw route allow in on lxdbr0
sudo ufw allow out on lxdbr0
sudo ufw route allow out on lxdbr0

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