Lxd container firefox

Hello all,

I need some help if possible. i now have the host and all lxd containers shell only. So no gui installed. I want a container that can run firefox. How could i arrange this?


There are a few options here.

  1. Setup a container to use the X11 server of the host. Install programs in the container, and when you run them, they appear as separate windows on your host.

  2. Similar to option 1, but add a separate X11 server (like Xnest or Xephyr). Such a setup would provide X11 isolation between the container and the host. It would be good for security.

  3. Use X2go. You install the full desktop in a container and have it appear in a separate window on the host. You get the security benefits of option 2, but cannot do hardware acceleration for the GPU.


Thank you for your reply. Maybe it could be done easy i dont know. What i am trying to accomplish is to acces a webbrowser true a webbrowser.

maybe true Apache Guacamole. if i chose option 3 would thath be possible?

That would be option 4,

@bmullan can help you with that.

I am just finishing a major upgrade for CIAB but I have not yet uploaded the new files to my Github.

CIAB uses Guacamole, Tomcat, NGINX, MySQL and XRDP to allow Remote Desktop connections to LXD ased Ubuntu MATE desktops (but you can choose XFCE4 or Budgie).

All CIAB Remote Desktop User’s need is any HTML5 capable Web Browser !

You can also configure via Guacamole, connections to Microsoft Window’s Servers.

Users can have multiple connections active simultaneously.

Everything installs into LXD containers on a fresh Ubuntu 18.04 Host/Server whether that is a physical server/VM/Cloud Instance.

This update is going to enable some really cool new things.

Current and new features include:

  1. file upload/download from the remote desktop to the local machine
  2. cut & paste
  3. audio
  4. internet printing using the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)
  5. [new} CIAB MANO (Management and Orchestration) of local & remote LXD systems and containers via what I think is a great tool (LXDMosaic). This allows the CIAB Admin to use a Web GUI to manage & orchestrate LXD containers.
  6. Twenty+ CIAB Admin installable Web applications

The CIAB Web Applications cover areas such as:

  • Content Management (examples: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress)
  • Marketing,
  • Collaboration (example: NextCloud),
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS),
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),
  • Business & eCommerce,
  • Human Resource Management),
  • Project Management,
  • etc.

If someone is interested in trying this out before I can finish documenting & uploading to GitHub contact me and I can make the new files available to you and will work with you to get everything installed.

Installation is entirely Script Driven, takes about 30-60 minutes depending on server (HD vs SSD, how many CPU core, memory).

Each of the CIAB Web Apps when installed by the Admin is installed into its own LXD container also.

If interested in testing the new version out email me at: bmullan.mail@gmail.com

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