LXD Container Network Access Lost

Hello World,
I’m a LXD newbie and I have a couple of containers running Ubuntu for my educational purposes, I had network access when I installed LXD inside my containers but after installing Docker nothing works anymore, I’ve searched this forum and realized that the Docker changes iptables rules!

But I know nothing about iptables, and I’m using “firewalld” as my firewall client which I believe works with “nftables” not “iptables”. Would you please help me to get around this!

iptabels-save: https://paste.rs/4JH
iptables -S: https://paste.rs/iMk


Have a look at Lxd and Docker Firewall Redux - How to deal with FORWARD policy set to drop - #3 by tomp

It may help resolve it.

Thank you, It worked.

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