LXD containers aren't showing up in sysdig

I’m running LXD/C from snap, and for some reason none of my lxd containers show up in sysdig. My docker containers show up fine, and I can use ctop without a problem. Was wondering if anyone else has encountered this?

lxd version 3.11
sysdig version 0.24.2

I’m having the same issue as https://github.com/draios/sysdig/issues/1289 which hasn’t received any responses yet.

Replying to my own thread:

I got this working by downgrading to lxd 3.0.3, still from snap

It looks like the issue is with cgroup.find("/lxc/"); returning false on lxd 3.11 but true on 3.0.3

Can you check in /sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset if is says lxc or something else?
It looks like in LXD 3.11 it’s split into lxc.monitor and lxc.payload.
If so, report back to github so that it gets fixed.

Yup, can confirm that LXD 3.11 only creates lxc.monitor and lxc.payload under /sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset

LXD itself didn’t make any chance here, it’s the switch to liblxc 3.1 which causes that change in paths, so any container that’s running through liblxc 3.1 or higher will have this problem.

Here is liblxc (master) on the cgroup naming.

The previous version 3.0 is at the stable-3.0 branch and does not have such defines.
Instead, the name is coded in the code, which I think is this part,

While writing this reply, I noticed the following. Thanks, @Joe_Mattie.