Lxd containers clustering problem

hello i have a problem with clustering in lxd

i have a server lxd1 and lxd3, this lxd3 is master cluster and storage_pool It was formatted by mistake as a result the lxd1 did not start and I have no backup of any image, but I have two images .rootfs my question is how can I do to mount them since one of those containers was mysql server and I need to do a backup of the BD from wordpress to raise my website I write from Caracas Venezuela

Are you using the .deb or the snap? Or are you on some non-Ubuntu distro? What does it mean that the storage pool was formatted? What storage driver are you using? If the storage driver is not ceph, and you completely lost the storage pool on the node that was running MySQL, then you can’t really mount it anymore. Depending on what you mean by “formatted” you might have some file system recovery options. Please provide more detailed information.

my OS is ubuntu 16 server x64 xenial, I use the .deb version, my storage is on the server LXD3, when I say format I mean to reinstall the operating system, I had it in cluster mode for some copy I made of rsync of an lxd to another and a change of file owners damage the GID and the UID, therefore I damage the cluster node of LXD3 that was the main one, and I could not recover the storage … I have a rootfs image of a container in which I have a database mysql I do not have any backup of the database I need to start that image to export a database … could you help me with that?