Lxd + criu installation on Ubuntu

Hey just running into the issue of doing live migration failing because of criu not being installed and after a bit of a runaround realized that apt install criu doesn’t serve the snap install lxd… so is there a correct method of installing lxd with criu support?

Is it at simple as:

snap set lxd criu.enable=true
snap install lxd


I’m getting the following errors when trying to move a container

root@z:~# lxc move pihole --storage sata_ssd_a
Error: Migration operation failure: snapshot dump failed
(00.204443) Warn  (criu/kerndat.c:1453): CRIU was built without libnftables support
(00.345834) Error (criu/namespaces.c:463): Can't dump nested uts namespace for 5954
(00.345852) Error (criu/namespaces.c:724): Can't make utsns id
(00.355293) Error (criu/util.c:641): exited, status=1
(00.360823) Error (criu/util.c:641): exited, status=1
(00.362415) Error (criu/cr-dump.c:2053): Dumping FAILED.

Yes that is correct, but unfortunately CRIU live migration only supports very restricted workload types, and in the majority of situations it will not work. Anything running systemd won’t work, and our test suite just tests using a busybox container.