Lxd daemon shutdown issues, what happens exactly?

What does lxc/lxd do with individual containers when lxd daemon is shut down and started up (i.e. on host reboot), as opposed to lxc stop and start of individual containers?

I have a weird problem that I can reproduce only on physical host reboot (havent tried snap stop and start yet), but not on individual container restart, so I was wondering…

It calls a clean shutdown on all of them, waits for 30s and then does a forced shutdown.

what is the equivalent in lxc commands or api calls? i have tried lxc stop container but couldn’t reproduce the same behaviour as when rebooting

lxc stop blah --timeout=30
lxc stop -f blah

hm, then there must be something else that happens on systemctl stop snap.lxd.daemon that causes my issue