LXD DB access for latest 4.13

I have install LXD 4.13 . Is there any DB for lxd? if has, how can I access the DB?

lxd sql (was right the first time lol)

Why db & not use the API?!

Could u give me detail for db access? I don’t know what is my db name and how can I access it?

As i understand it, its not like a SQL server you connect to - you use the API instead.

Its a sqlite db, so its just a file stored somewhere - check the docs?

Then how can I access API?

You are really going to have to read the docs & ask more specific questions.

You can mess around with passing --debug to commands like lxc list to see what happens, then you could try using lxc query to get you started.

did u ever install windows10vm in lxd container? @turtle0x1 or can I install windows 10 from mosaic?

Pretty off topic, but no not yet - there sems to be some bugs that need resolving LXD side. Also my AMD cpu doesnt seem to support VMs very well so that doesnt help!

We do not generally encourage accessing the DB as the structure can change, and certainly not making any changes to it as that will lead to problems.

However if you do want to look into the DB you can use lxd sql command.

The database itself is a Dqlite database, so there isn’t a single file or connection details to use to connect to it.

As @turtle0x1 said, the API is the best approach to interacting with LXD.

What are you trying to achieve with it?