LXD: Device Proxy Question re ipv6

When using the proxy device to forward a port from host to container, does it handle ipv6 requests? I am attempting to run PiHole that requires ports 53 tcp & udp, and 4711 tcp. What is problematic is that my ISP forces ipv6 resolution over ipv4 resolution with respect to DNS requests. So, it is import that ipv6 requests make it to the container.

These are my proxy devices:

    lxc config device add PiHole pihole53udp proxy listen=udp: connect=udp:

    lxc config device add PiHole pihole53tcp proxy listen=tcp: connect=tcp:

    lxc config device add PiHole pihole4711 proxy listen=tcp: connect=tcp:

I feel like those are handling any ipv4 requests but would not respond to an ipv6 request (but my knowledge is limited).

Thank you as always!

For IPv6, you’d want [::] instead of

Thank you, I will try it this evening and report back!