Lxd dhcp lease time

How to change dhcp/dnsmasq lease time, i.e. set it infinite?
how to set static ip for container?

lxc network : error: unknown command: network
Ubuntu 16, lxd.
lxd 2.0.11-0ubuntu1~16.04.4

LXD 2.0.11 pre-dates the lxc network command and API.
On that old release, networking was handled by distro packaging outside of LXD.

Look in /etc/default for a lxd or lxd-net file, I don’t remember what we called it. It’s got a bunch of available options, including letting you include your own dnsmasq config file with your own options.

lxd-bridge ?

Yeah, that sounds right

ok, I found both files, lxc-net and lxd-bridge, changed the lines
and restarted lxd service, but ps aux|grep dns shows the same parameters of dnsmasq(i.e. 154).
How to restart dnsmasq, which was used by lxd without the whole server reboot?

There is a separate lxd-bridge or lxd-net service which handles that.

ok, so how to restart it?

systemctl restart lxd-bridge