LXD DNS with cluster and stretched L2 bridge between LXD hosts


I’m just wondering, does LXD have a way to replicate DNS between cluster nodes? I’m getting issues with resolving failing alternately between the two cluster nodes.

The problem seems to arise because the local host where the db1 and web1 container resides resolves the db1 container correctly but the remote host (sporting the same bridge IP) doesn’t. Problem is that both hosts are answering the dns requests because I am testing a stretched L2 domain, very similar to fan bridge, essentially BGP EVPN so its just VXLAN with iBGP as the control plane.

However this DNS issue is stopping my test web server from resolving the db1 server every time, seems to alternate between success and failure. I could make dnsmasq dish out some remote DNS server addresses but it would be nice to get something working locally if its actually possible yet.



When using the Fan we have a built-in DNS proxy that solves that problem.

I suppose in your case you may want to do something similar, tweak the local dnsmasq instances to forward resolution to a process which then queries all the DNS servers.

You may be able to use lxd forkdns by hand too.

Ok thanks for the heads up, will take a look into that.