LXD hangs after creating bridge

Hi, i was playing with lxd bridges, i mistakenly added an already configured interface to the bridge, then whole system hangs, and no network activity. i manged to rescue delete the lxd service, but whenever i start the service, whole system hangs again, no network activity. is there a way to remove the bridge from lxd db?

You can lxc network list to show all networks and then lxc network delete mynetwork.

It is interesting that when you attach to a non-bridge, it causes such results.

i can not start the daemon, as the computer will hang. i had to remove the interface on the host, that the bridge was depending on. then i was able to start the daemon. and remove lxc network delete mybridge.

@simos, is there a way to make the bridge have different public ip than the host?

I do not have a full picture on how you go into this state with LXD misbehaving. Can you show a set of reproducible steps?